Mistral 'Corporate'¹ and 'Subscription'² Annual Licences
Core Program Features

¹ Five user (multiple computer) installations up to unlimited, depending upon licence category.


² Single user Subscription licence. Sole traders, independent consultants, students and teachers only.

Both licences include access to the same following 12 Code Signed programs,
plus scores of other useful files:-


'AIRWIND Pro’ Mistral believe this is the only program ever written that will deal with any room shape, for any number of rooms with any type and mix of construction, in any world location and for any design conditions. All meteorological, geographical, Solar Azimuth & Declination, construction/fenestration material and key load data built-in. Provides hourly, daily, monthly and annual A/C load profiles with comprehensive, plain, jargon free language, presentation quality printed reports. Naturally, 'AIRWIND Pro' is keyboard 'error and paradox trapped' to Mistral's exceptional standards and all printing and filing routines, database tools and help pages operate to standard MS Windows practices. Includes ‘SPLITWIND’, an automatic and illustrated A/C equipment selection program featuring A/C ranges from sponsoring companies such as Fujitsu, LG, Samsung and Panasonic. SI/Imperial switchable. Extremely powerful yet so easy to use.

'COLDWIND Pro’. The established standard for the Refrigeration Industry. Used by leading refrigeration companies throughout the world to prepare coldroom refrigeration load calculations and reports. Faster than so called 'quick selection charts' and infinitely more accurate. Compute refrigeration loads, in either Imperial or SI units, for projects drawn directly on-screen, with any number of walls, in any number of rooms, arranged at any angles, with any mix of insulation materials, organised into any number of zones and located anywhere in the world! Automatic & correctly weighted energy profiling at 30 minute intervals for every day of the year. Large product database and many new features including:- pitched roof option; insitu sprayed foam polyurethane insulation; refrigerated containers, trucks and vans; blast freezers and blast chillers; 'context sensitive' help pages; 'cue' cards; bar graphs and pie charts; conventional 'Windows system' calculation filing, file retrieval and colour printing routines; superb quality report summaries and much, much more.

'COOLWIND', 'CONDWIND', 'COMPWIND', 'PACKWIND', 'VALVEWIND' 'SPLITWIND' Unit cooler, Condenser, Condensing Unit, Compressor, Packaged Refrigeration, Refrigerant Expansion Valve and Split A/C selections from leading manufacturers such as Bitzer, Copeland, Danfoss, Dorin, Eco, Embraco, Frascold, Kelvion Searle, Küba Kältetechnik, L'Unite Hermetique, Lu-Ve Contardo, Maneurop, Marstair, Roller, Samsung, Sporlan, Trenton, etc. Struggling with elusive correction factors and selections methods that vary from one manufacturer to another is a problem of the past. Selects from tens of 1,000's of listed products, shows all viable alternatives complete with precise corrected duties - all in less than 10 seconds ! Select against 'CELLWIND', 'COLDWIND' and 'AIRWIND calculations (as appropriate) or may be run independently. Graphically displays Balance Points when all modules are installed. Also prints out electrical data and dimensions and displays photographs and wiring diagrams etc. on screen from manufacturers' own product literature. Importantly, these programs also calculate sound pressure levels for single or multiple units, (when manufacturers have supplied the necessary data) at the set site boundary distance.

'CELLWIND Pro’ Produce accurate and thus competitive beer cellar and wine cellar refrigeration load calculations to brewery specifications. Copes with any shape room plan, various building constructions (including mixed materials), cellars above ground and below (or anywhere in between for that matter), solar gains, product loads and pull down times, running loads, cooler fan loads etc., etc. All built into the program and easy to enter. Neatly laid out, comprehensive printed summary for your records and tenders.

'METWIND' World meteorological database accessed through dynamic, interactive graphical user interface. Containing meteorological data on tens of thousands of key world city locations. Selecting a city with a single click on the zoomable country maps or alternatively selecting a city from any of the tiered continental menus automatically loads all necessary temperature and altitude data into the load calculation programs described above.

'PIPEWIND Pro’ The not-so-simple task of sizing refrigerant pipework for complicated multi-cooler, multi-circuit ring mains made into child's play. Icon and menu driven with 'ideogram' graphics. Totally error trapped program pays for itself every time it is used - and carries on doing so, time after time after time. Automatically loads without fuss or bother the pressure enthalpy/entropy, viscosity, performance data for many of the new refrigerants, plus the old ones for reference purposes. Steel and copper pipe data plus length equivalence factors for bends, tees and valves etc. all automatically entered so the bare minimum of key information (system duty, temperatures and required lengths) is all that is needed to quickly and accurately display/print correct pipe diameters, pressures, pressure drops and mass flow.

'PREPWIND' Dedicated Refrigeration load calculation specifically for Food Preparation Rooms. Contains interactive databases shared by both 'AIRWIND' and 'COLDWIND' described above.

All programs are supplied with dynamically linked, interactive, colour illustrated 'Help' pages and manuals. Programs may be supplied with essential regionally specific variations. All computer programs are supplied as Internet download and are suitable for operation on both Linux and also IBM PC or compatible computers using MS Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems (except Windows 10S unless upgraded). Programs are for User’s Licenced access only. No title for code, data or images contained within programs passes to licensees. All program results, including images, can however be used for promotion of the licensee's own business interests. In for example, sales quotations, sales and marketing promotions, and for staff training.

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