Letter from the Knights of Avoirdupois 5
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Season of good will.

Christmas approacheth. As one gets older it seems to arrive ever faster. I hate shopping at the best of times too. Christmas shopping is the worst. One benefit amongst the many thousands of living here in France though is that shop assistants will usually kindly offer to gift wrap presents for you when you buy them.

First on my list was a present for Memsahib. I went into the Builder’s Merchants to see if I could find something suitable for her. I know she wants a little greenhouse ready for Spring so she can start growing tomatoes. I thought I’d buy her three bags of cement, some sand, gravel and a wheelbarrow so she could start making the floor.

The nice man said they didn’t have any wrapping paper large enough however. So I settled for four boxes of number 8 countersunk, brass plated woodscrews instead. They are described on the boxes as ‘Distressed-Brassed, Cross Headed’, so I knew she’d be able to identify well with those.

I couldn’t understand though why the girl in our local Pharmacie et Parfumerie (Pharmacy and Perfumery) looked so surprised and appeared so reluctant when I asked her to wrap the present I’d so thoughtfully selected for Dear Maiden Aunt Noreen. A nice bottle of Femfresh.

I got my way in the end though and chose a nice wrapping paper showing a jolly festive green bush with a little thrush in it.

Why don’t people put a little more thought into buying presents. Like I do!

I’ve finished Christmas shopping now.

For another year anyway.