The not-so-simple task of sizing refrigerant pipework made into child's play. Icon and menu driven with 'ideogram' graphics. Totally Dynamically Error Trapped program can pay for itself the very first time it is used - and carry on doing so, time after time after time.

Employs the respected Darcy-Weisbach system of calculating resistance to flow of fluid in pipes after considering mass flow (and hence velocity) temperature, viscosity, laminar and turbulent flow characteristics, gravity and known surface roughness factors. Except program users only have to concern themselves with evaporator duties, temperatures and distances between key capital equipment items in their design. Relying upon the program to do all the hard work.

Automatically loads without fuss or bother the pressure enthalpy/entropy, viscosity, performance data for many of the new refrigerants, plus the old ones for reference purposes. Steel and copper pipe data plus length equivalence factors for bends, tees and valves etc. All automatically entered so the bare minimum of key information (system duty, temperatures and required pipe lengths) is all that is needed to quickly and accurately display and print detailed summaries of correct pipe diameters, pressure drops and mass flow.

Copes with simple 'single cooling load' circuits only. For ring mains and more complicated multi-branch, multi-cooler circuits use Pipewind Pro.

Comprehensive and clear print-outs automatically including Bill
of Materials.