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'PREPWIND' is a FREE download for Mistral 'Corporate Licensees'.

prepwind_icon_64x64.gif Dedicated Food Preparation Room Refrigeration Load Calculation program. Quickly and accurately calculates Refrigeration Cooling Loads for both conventional building material construction and also typical cold room insulated panel construction rooms, or combinations of both.

Any shape and design of room with any mix of construction materials. Unlimited number of walls and arranged at any angles to one another.

mistralassociates-com_product_ani.gif Comprehensive food product databases arranged in clickable menu illustrated product type groups.

mistral_diurnal_ani.gif Interactive map meteorological database. Single click on locations in quickly selectable 66,000+ zoomable world maps instantly loads precise 365 day meteorological data for thousands of world locations. Collection of manuals for this database worth $hundreds!

composite.gif Extensive building material databases automatically load thermal properties and dimensions with a single button click for both single and compound materials.

forktruck_icon.gif Comprehensive menus for automatic loading of 'weighted' miscellaneous equipment Eg. mixers, blenders, extraction hoods, lighting, even forklift trucks. Stillages, moveable utensils, personnel etc., etc.

quick_selection_icon.gif Thousands of clickable 'Quick Selection' pre-engineered designs that can be opened in seconds saving the tedium of developing typical room designs but which can be infinitely edited to fine tune for specific 'real life' applications.

icon_mes.gif Automatic linking to extensive, independently checked and verified RAC equipment selection databases containing hundreds of thousands of Unit Cooler, Condensing Unit, Condenser, Compressor and Packaged System selections from virtually all Europe's and beyond leading manufacturers. In all probability the largest collection of such interactive databases in the world. Maintained daily!

mistral_survey_documents_icon.gif 'Presentation Quality', comprehensive, illustrated project print-out summaries, written in terms prospects and customers can understand, to help win orders and importantly to confirm precise contract specifications.

mistral_si-imp_switch.gif Simultaneous operation in both Imperial and SI ('Systeme Internationale') metric units, instantly switcheable at any time.

ref_curcuit.gif 'PREPWIND' is supplied complete with a comprehensive refrigerant pipe sizing program complete with instantly selectable refrigerant properties databases that automatically load all necessary physical and thermal properties to the program. Obviating the need for reams of complicated printed tables and manuals.


flag_col_strip.gifSimultaneous operation in ten languages. Create design in one language, forward to colleagues in a different country who can open it in their own local language! Edit it if needs be and return it to be opened in any language!

Quite simply, an unassailable, dedicated program. If you can find another like 'PREPWIND', anywhere in the world, and prove that it is superior then we will grant you free access!

'PREPWIND' is a FREE download for Mistral 'Corporate Licensees'.

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