moving_program.gifMoving a program installation from one computer to another.

It is not possible to 'move' a Mistral Expert System software installation from one computer to another. For many reasons, some of which are explained below.

1) There are technical reasons. Although Mistral's multi-thousand program code file system neither depends upon nor interferes with any other software on a computer it nonetheless does essentially place files in various locations and folders on a computer during the automated unpacking and installation process. Quite simply it would be impossible to explain to a lay person how to collect all these files from their various locations then manually reinstall and reconfigure them locally in a second computer.

2) When a Mistral program installs it has to 'gain authority' to operate. It does this by communicating with one of Mistral's servers in either Europe or the USA. The reason for this authority is purely to prohibit illegal access to Mistral's intellectual property. In other words to prevent theft. Without protection Mistral's 38 years of accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours of research and development, along with continuous, daily maintenance work, at a total cost of tens of millions of Dollars, would be lost and destroyed.

3) Gaining authority, ('Registration') involves a downloaded program communicating with a Mistral server over the Internet. No personal data of any individual is either accessed or stored by Mistral. However the process may involve the server acquiring the following information:-

A)The name of the Licence holder's organisation.
B)The IP address of the communicating Licence holder.
C)The geographic location (country and nearest city) of the communicating Licence holder's computer.
D)The Access Registration Code issued, along with the installation date and time and also the expiry date that has been set for access.

All of the above facts of this process, although not the data retrieved of course, are published on Mistral's website along with the very simple rules that ALL downloaders must follow in order to achieve a successful installation.

To summarise: It is not possible to 'move' that is relocate a Mistral program installation from one computer to another. If a Licensee wishes to install to a new computer then providing their licence is in order then they must download a new and current copy of the program(s) from Mistral's server by completing the download request form ( Renew installation) and submitting it. At which time they will receive a new Access Registration Code which can only be used with that downloaded program and which can only be applied on the same computer as the download was made. Passing either downloaded programs or Access Registration Codes from one person to another is prohibited and is illegal. Attempting to do so will be detected by Mistral and doing so risks the licensee losing their rights of access.

In the event that any organisation or person within an organisation regularly breaks or appears to be knowingly breaking the simple installation rules then Mistral is able to repeal, that is cancel, an access code or even cancel an organisation's contract with Mistral for gaining program access, either temporarily or permanently. Mistral reserves the right to block access where an Access Registration Code has been seen to being used fraudulently. This is to protect the vested interests that Mistral's loyal and law abiding customers have made by investing in access to Mistral's intellectual property.

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