Clearing a Mistral program Access Registration Code key_icon.png

This applies to all Mistral software installations however is not the only method available for Mistral 'Corporate' software installations with facilities also provided within desktop Program Group forms.


Sometimes it is advantageous or more convenient to clear an existing Mistral program Access Registration Code before its due expiry date, thereby allowing immediate input of a new Code ahead of expiry date.

mistral_logo_32x32.png Click on Mistral desktop icon but DO NOT start any program in the program group form that appears.

Instead press your Ctrl + Alt + R keys simultaneously. That is hold your Ctrl + Alt + R keys down all together at the same time.

A box will appear prompting you to enter an Access Code.

DO NOT enter any code at this time but instead enter four 9s in each of the six boxes, thus:-


This will clear the curent Access Registration Code thereby allowing input of a freshly supplied new code.