Full of crap.

The world owes much to Englishman Sir John Harington who in 1596 invented the first flushing toilet, along with Thomas Crapper who later toiled (no pun) to improve upon Sir Harington's original design. This development it is said was the single most important contributor to the success and well being of the human race. Even more important than the wheel or the boat rudder. And I for one believe whoever said it was.

So why does the world allow some intellectually challenged twat to come along and wreck it in the seriously flawed and arrogant belief their own toilet design 'improvement' will save the planet?!

Thomas Crapper knew his stuff. Shit actually. He knew exactly how much precious (even then precious) water was needed to clear the bowl and how much head (pressure resulting from height difference) to deliver the essential MINIMUM amount of water into the bowl.

Something that enthusiastic but dim green-nutters will never be able to grasp.

A couple of years back we had no choice but to purchase a new, 'environmentally friendly' flushing toilet sporting a 'water saving' cistern. A cistern with a capacity forty percent smaller than that which has successfully served the entire planet for the past hundred and forty years following Thomas Crapper's ingenius design. We had no choice but purchase the offending design because equally stupid authorities had conspired to ensure only 'environmentally friendly' toilets were on offer.

Ever since we have had to flush our toilet at least three and sometimes as often as five times to clear the bowl.

A little lesson in maths:-

5 X (100-40) = 300.

In other words the damned thing uses anything from almost double to as much as three times the amount of (precious) water to flush than before the time some idiot green-nutter got near it!

If there really is a God then I hope that one day she will protect us from environmentalists. They are destroying our planet!

In next week's thrilling installment we will expose the myth that a 1kW electric kettle will save energy compared to the current (no pun) standard 2kW kettle. It won't. The 1kW kettle will actually consume more electrical energy not less and the reason will be explained so that everyone above the age of five years old (except maybe for green-nutters) can understand.

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