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We are occasionally asked what is the scope of our Expert System software. Though it must be said, generally not a question posed by regular users.

Our initial reaction might sound a little flippant, facetious even, in that the question really should be "Is there anything Mistral's system doesn't do?" spacer_transparent.gif podium_icon.gifWhat makes Mistral software so vastly superior?

First, look at the simple short explanation in one lead product description. Refrigeration Load Calculation. Then try and identify any part of that, as a subject heading, that just this 1 of 12 programs does not meet.

To list everything all 12 programs do here would take far too long. Suffice to say that we envisage that no two users will firstly:- Use all the same features and facilities that are available, and secondly:- Even be aware of all of them. A bizarre answer? Not at all, because although everything, all of the hundreds, even thousands of actions, are made as easy to find as is possible, not everyone will want all of them and thus not look for them.

Another flippant reply we could make is "Read the instructions!" In other words the colour illustrated and dynamically linked and focused * Help pages. These are supplied with every program issue and also replicated, again interactively, on the company's website.

Not a lot of people know that. Why not? Because Mistral has endeavored, and indisputably succeeded in, making the vast system so easy and intuitive to use that seldom, if ever, does anyone seek Help.

When surveyed, as we frequently undertake, Mistral discovered that almost 90% of users were even unaware Help pages, accessed via the standard Microsoft Windows convention of hitting the F1 key, even existed. Despite our declaring up front and quite prominently, that they do. All three thousand or more pages!

That said, trawling through hundreds of alphabetically, multiple indexed topics, dynamically linked or not, is no fun. We therefore now also publishing these as thirty, multi-lingual, illustrated text volumes. An education in themselves. Particularly for anyone only recently embarking upon a career in Refrigeration and tackling the first, most fundamental and indispensable part of it, at the beginning, the Refrigeration Load Calculation!

*Focused. Meaning hitting the F1 Key when in an active progam module will automatically locate and open the relevant Help page covering the current procedure.

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