Not a Mistral Sponsor?

Don't want to be a Mistral Sponsor?

You don't want to be included alongside all of your competitors?

OK. We can understand anyone being nervous about having their products paraded alongside all those of their competitors. Please think on this for a moment though if you will.

Do you honestly expect that all your customers and prospects wish to access scores of different computer programs?

1) All of which are produced in a different style.

2) None of which cover every aspect of the whole subject.

3) Each requiring different skill levels

4) Usually using different terminology often to describe the same thing!

5) Some of which use different units and certainly different 'nominal' conditions.

6) All of which are updated at different times.

7) None of which communicate with one another.

When they can use one, SINGLE, familiar, world-standard system that does everything.

With Mistral an engineer can design a coldroom safely in under 60 seconds then:-

Select a cooler or coolers from say Eco or Friga-Bohn or Lu-Ve Contardo or Karyer -

Select expansion valves from Danfoss or Alco -

Connect the coolers to condensing units from say L'Unite Hermetique or Embraco -

Finally, balancing the system automatically.

Will they be able to find your products?

Mistral is sponsored by over 80 leading RAC equipment manufacturers and/or their distributors. These companies supply comprehensive application engineering selection data to Mistral's specialist team of engineers who then disseminate and standardise the information into more than 12.5 million database fields! It is then thoroughly checked for accuracy and then re-checked by the sponsors. Wherever possible individual scale, dimensioned line drawings are produced for each product. 270,000 products in all. A process that requires the full time dedication of a team of six experienced engineers.

No one else in the world does this!

Over 25,000 RAC engineering firms around the world, employing who knows how many hundreds of thousands of specifiers, decision makers and buyers access Mistral's systems and buy coolers, condensers, condensing units, compressors, expansion valves, packaged and split systems as a result.

...and you still want to be one of the few remaining companies that aren't included?

"I see!"

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