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Mistral's current Price Listread_more_arrow2.gif may in some cases show prices higher than those charged to long term licensees.

Mistral's price policy has always been and remains PRICES FIXED IN PERPETUITY - for annually renewable contracts such as Corporate Licences and Subscription Licences for example. Naturally this policy is made subject to inflation and which in Mistral's case is indexed to the UK Retail Price Index. For this reason, where new products have been introduced since a contract has commenced these may have necessarily been introduced at higher prices in order to meet increased development and ongoing maintenance costs.

Established licensees therefore gain the benefit of Mistral's programme of continuous product upgrading and updating development at ostensibly the same price as commencement of their contracts.

Existing Licensees are respectfully reminded that Mistral's licence credit terms are strictly 30 days (unless a separate agreement has been established). Failure to remit within agreed credit periods will result in annual contracts being automatically voided. New contracts will be subject to current prevailing rates. Date of payment also does not affect contract anniversary renewal dates and which also remain fixed in perpetuity.

Existing Licensees should therefore always remit annual licence renewal fees against their digitally received invoices using:- Remitread_more_arrow2.gif. And not start a new contract and which may be at increased prices.

All 'Corporate Licence' and 'Subscription Licence' contracts are annually renewable. A mutually binding, 'rolling' contractual agreement is automatically entered into immediately upon first purchase of Licencedread_more_arrow2.gif program access.

Rolling contractual agreement means that renewal is offered automatically at each anniversary date. However no system is in operation for automatic debit of any licensee's (contract holder's) financial account. Termination of an account is simply achieved by non payment of a request for payment of annual renewal fee and which request is made both by reminder within the program itself and also by digital invoice sent to the licensee in the form of an Email attachment. Both of which take place from approximately 30 days before renewal date.

No licensee's bank, credit card or debit card details are retained by Mistral Associates or legally appointed and authorised Escrow partners contracted by and acting on behalf of Mistral Associates for collection of annual fee payments.

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