Peer group assessed, factual, consistently reproducible, certified, Expert System software.
Not AI guesswork from plagiarised dubious, non accountable and ambiguous sources.

Mistral software is designed to be as simple to use as is possible with a computer. Programs follow very closely the process that an engineer will use when doing the job manually. In other words programs that operate in the same way we were all taught and thus learned to think. The advantage with Mistral though is that when inevitable mistakes are made (and very few of us professional engineers can honestly claim never to have suddenly included an Imperial factor or unit whilst in the middle of an SI based calculation!) then the program will spot them and even recommend appropriate corrections. Rich with colourful graphics, totally 'error trapped', menu and icon driven wherever possible, Mistral software is both intuitive and a pleasure to use.

All programs have built-in 'intelligent logic' whereby they will not ask unnecessary questions. They even propose solutions whilst running by anticipating what you are going to do next! No need for refrigeration manuals and tables; all the factors and data needed are already built in. The collection of books and manuals alone containing this data would cost far more than the programs. Presentation quality printed reports, essential these days for securing orders, are automatically produced. All this takes place without inhibiting the seasoned engineer or daunting the novice. But just because Mistral's superior programs are the easiest to operate doesn't limit their usefulness. These are the most complete, powerful and professional programs you will ever find for the job - anywhere!


Click icons to open comprehensive descriptions and examples of just a few of each program's main forms.