mistral logo 200x240 We are often asked about our company name and logo; particularly as neither seem to have much to do with either the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry that we are dedicated to serving or the computers we use to help us in reaching our objectives. Of course, that we are asked means to a certain extent we have achieved the object of having both a distinctive name and an unusual logo. They have been noticed! Our reasons though are quite simple. The Mistral, as many will recall, is a cold north wind originating in central France. It blows across hills and plains and eventually spills out over the Mediterranean. The Mistral once had a dubious reputation for driving French peasants mad. Although at Mistral Associates we sometimes feel we are also being driven mad, it is not by any cold wind. It is also of course not the connotation we intended. Our reason is due to the Mistral being cold air - something inseparable from refrigeration.

The ancient boat (to be strictly correct - a ship), is a Carrack. It was a relatively large trading vessel dominating European seas in various forms from the 14th century well up until the time steam propulsion took over.

The Carrack would have been blown about the Mediterranean at sometime or another by the Mistral. Our logo we feel graphically displays this possibility whilst sailing majestically with full sails.

The image was created by members of Mistral's team and based upon inspiration from a 17th century engraving by F H Bruegel. Anyway it is a pretty picture and you did ask.. Click >

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