parallel_operation.gif Parallel Program Operation

Mistral's programs are relatively unique in operating in what is described as 'Parallel Mode'. This describes a process whereby program inputs can, at some session stage, be entered in any order. Although Mistral programs encourage a logically ordered input stream at early stages, previously made inputs can later be returned to and edited or adjusted. Even where those edits are to inputs that affected the input limitations of subsequently entered data or menu selection options. Which although relatively easy to describe actually introduces program coding of enormous complexity. Hence the reason it is so rare. What it achieves though is greatly enhanced possibilities for design and user experimentation when running the programs.

The alternative is simple, naive, serial operating programs which offer nothing better than a progressive step by step approach from one input to the next. Affording no possibility of returning to previous inputs to edit.

An even further programming complication but one that Mistral considered essential even 35 years back, was that saved calculation results should not save only the results but every data input made by the user, along with menu selections from databases, even error reports and messages. An infinitely more complicated programming matter but which has an extremely important user benefit. That is the ability to open and retrieve a previously saved calculation, whether made an hour before, or a day, a month, a year or even a decade earlier, and continue working on it as if it had been made only minutes earlier. Regardless of which computer Operating System (Windows version), or computer regional or national setting, or even bit rate was in force at the time. No other expert system developer we are aware of achieves this, especially with programs such as Mistral's, involving literally trillions of possible results permutations.

For these reasons calculations cannot be saved or printed out until a certain critical mass of necessary inputs and program session operating procedures have been collected. File Save and Print functions are therefore disabled intentionally (and greyed out as a courtesy) until the necessary conditions are met.

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