Everything is Cool with Mistral!

Mistral owes its 38 year incontestable success story to a handful of fundamental key tenets.

Brilliant, proven, officially Code Signed, world-class products. Outstanding customer service. Elimination of tiresome, unnecessary jargon. Irrefutable ease of use - both in program operation and in installation!

Mistral's vast records of successful customer installations throughout the whole world include a very small number of cases where the normally simple and quick program installation process was fraught with apparent difficulty. Sadly, in almost every instance this has been where a so called IT (Information Technology) 'expert' or a contracted IT consultant had become involved.

Involved quite unnecessarily in Mistral's opinion. The evidence in our records confirms this!

Unnecessarily involved because Mistral's largely automated installation procedures have been honed to virtual perfection over more than a third of a century. So as to be understood by both novice and computer expert alike. Often by customers with only a rudimentary knowledge of either English or main Western languages. Also, by customers across the enormous number of different possible permutations of computer 'platform' they could be using. Of computer Operating System; Of regional or national variation; Of keyboard type, and even of individual user's personal computer configuration options in use. The permutations of these varients run into thousands of different combinations and Mistral software copes with them all. With ease!

Mistral states 'sadly', because the superfluous involvement of an IT consultant frequently appears to create complications where actually there weren't any. Only for the consultant to presumably then demand fees from those that commissioned them, purely to sort out the mess or confusion they themselves had created!

Expert system software development, along with its essential day to day maintenance, is an extremely complex and time consuming business and which unavoidably involves eye watering costs. Mistral runs a business. Just as you dear reader most probably does too. In order to contain costs for its valued customers Mistral is therefore left with no alternative but to charge third parties involved in program installations, if they call upon Mistral to provide bespoke advice and services. Advice and services which are anyway already provided freely, both here through Mistral's website and also in every single product Mistral distributes.

Therefore, IT consultants requiring one-to-one advice on subjects or answers to questions and which are more than adequately already provided both very visibly and freely, will be asked to contribute to the cost of providing such bespoke advice.

IT consultants therefore please use the link provided HERE and complete the simple to follow questionnaire. Please ensure that you have your credit or debit card to hand prior to doing so.

Instead you could try clicking:- Help. Also:- Q & A Saving yourself, us and especially your client, both time and unnecessary expense!


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