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Mistral 'CORPORATE' Licence 12 RAC complete program list

Mistral 'Corporate' Licence Software Suite Download for New and Existing Licensees.
Also for free programs upgrading and free databases updating. Renew installation.

As a Registered Mistral 'Corporate Licensee' you may need to install to additional computers. Recently joined new colleagues may also download and install using this link. You might also wish to update occasionally to ensure that you are using the very latest issue of the programs and thousands of accompanying interactive databases. Whilst your 'Corporate Licence' guarantees that your programs will be automatically upgraded annually and the thousands of databases also updated where required, you might wish to optionally update yourself in the meantime. For no charge! Mistral's engineers and programmers work tirelessly upgrading already advanced programs to ensure they meet the demands of the very latest and even future computer Operating Systems. They also constantly update and add to proprietary equipment and other essential databases, even on a DAILY BASIS! Enabling both you and your colleagues to gain the advantage of accessing the very latest key information to keep your business ahead of the rest! 12 RAC program list

single_user_icon.pngSole traders and students should click here.

Purchase a new Mistral 'Corporate' Licence here, then download and install immediately.

Mistral 'Corporate Licence.' All 12 RAC Mistral Application Engineering programs + 1,000s of actively maintained interactive Databases. Just pennies for each of your valued staff per day. If you think it's expensive then perhaps you should ask yourself whether you're in the right business!
spacer_transparent.gifTHIS deal recovers its cost EVERY time one of your valued staff uses it to secure an order!

12 month licence for Corporate Suite via Secure Server - for UK £395 (plus VAT/TVA) or US $505.

Programs supplied as Internet download. Annual fee 'Fixed in Perpetuity' (subject to inflation).


Complete program compendium for organisations with up to 5 staff working from or reporting to a single geographic location. For larger organisations please refer to Large organisation fee scale.

Please note that the currency may initially display in Euros but can be changed in a currency menu.

Mistral's credit account terms are strictly net 30 days from receipt of invoice. Initial (or first time) orders and which automatically instigates the opening of a credit account contract are subject to payment with order.

Daily Exchange Rate fluctuations may mean the price you pay through Mistral's Secure Server is slightly different to prices shown above. Large adverse differences (above single figures) will be quickly refunded upon request. Would you offer to do the same for us if the difference is in your favour?!

Remit against your Mistral Associates invoice amount using Credit or Debit Card or PayPal.

three_users_icon.png Large organisation Corporate fee scale.

single_user_icon.pngSole traders and students needing only a single installation should click here.

Helping RAC Professionals win contracts, save money, enhance profits. Paying for itself over and over again!

Accelerate your business into higher profit for as little as £395 or US$505 a year!

"Mistral software is expensive!"

"Yes....and a Jaguar F Type costs more than a Ford Focus!"

"Enough said."

Well perhaps not quite enough. We don’t wish to sound facetious but contrary to popular belief, 'Expert System' computer software development is a high investment, small return, and extremely high risk business. Also, the initial research and development commitment represents just one part of the staggering costs. Many forget to consider the ongoing financial burden associated with keeping sophisticated software systems abreast of unrelenting advances in computing technology. Plus the costs of addressing issues presented by constantly arriving new computer Operating Systems. Last but not least, the onerous daily process of updating thousands of proprietary database and image files.

That is why Mistral’s ‘Expert System’ software is more expensive than that from any of its imitators offering woefully inadequate substitutes to the unsuspecting.

Forget about all that though. No one buys anything for the sake of it! People buy things for what they do for them. That is fact. Managers buy computers along with their Apps to keep their business going for example. Not just to decorate the office! So why did 25,000 RAC industry decision makers decide to buy Mistral programs? Simple. Because Mistral programs earn their businesses money. Mistral programs pay for themselves. Over and over again.

There is though a way Mistral has provided for licensees to enjoy all the benefits of having the safest, the most advanced and comprehensive application engineering systems whilst avoiding some of the costs of outright licence purchase. That is to lease the access licences through what Mistral describes as the ‘Corporate Licence’ scheme.

In return for a modest annual fee Mistral will contract to:-

Mistral Gold Star Supply all 12 RAC application engineering programs, complete with 17,000+ interactive database and image files.
Mistral Gold Star Provide licences for every member of staff in your organisation.
Mistral Gold Star Guarantee to upgrade the software systems every time a new computer Operating System demands it.
Mistral Gold Star Guarantee to annually update all *17,000+ RAC database and image files. With optional periodic update downloads at any time and totally free of charge!
Mistral Gold Star Fix your single, Annual Contract Fee IN PERPETUITY (subject only to inflation as measured by the RPI.) and guarantee to never impose any additional charges, such as so called 'Management Fees'.

The value of this offer should not be underestimated.

All twelve Mistral RAC programs you will probably never need as they cover such a wide spectrum of our industry’s activities. From small to large scale commercial refrigeration, agricultural storage, ship and airfreight containers, transport refrigeration, beer cellar cooling, blast freezing and chilling, cold room cost estimating and quoting, supermarket retail floor area design and comfort cooling or air conditioning. Good to know you have it all though. Just in case!

Licences for every member of staff. Including occasional users (such as the Managing Director for example!) where the cost of normal licence fees would perhaps not be justified.

Upgrading software is normally expensive. Mistral has totally re-written its advanced systems many times over the past more than thirty years, simply to address issues presented by new Operating Systems. From DOS up to Windows 3.11 to Windows ‘95 and ‘98, through ME, 2000 and NT4, on to XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and now Windows 10 & 11. Unlike printer manufacturers that recoup their costs by selling you ink (with a better than 3,000% mark-up!) Mistral doesn’t give ‘patches’ away. If we did we’d go out of business very quickly. Then no one would have access to the industry’s best software. So Mistral’s upgrades are generally chargeable, albeit with substantial discounts for loyal customers.

*17,000 RAC capital equipment and accessory databases, plus their corresponding linked image files. Each and every one containing anything from half a dozen up to many hundreds of products, with each product requiring sometimes up to 250 fields of usually complicated, inter-related and inter-active data. All of which must be constantly researched, updated and thoroughly checked, recorded, verified and compiled. A truly awesome, continuous maintenance operation costing millions of Euros.

...and all we ask from you is from £395 or 475 Euros or US$505 per annum for a small business through to £3,825 or 4,285 Euros or US$5,125 per annum for a large corporation with perhaps thousands of staff.

The annual ‘Corporate Licence’ fee is calculated on total staff head count and number of business centres (geographic locations) or branches.

The ‘Corporate Licence’ is designed to:-

A) Provide you with an economic and simple way of ensuring every member of staff has legal access to every item of current software, without having to worry about staff number fluctuations. Also, as a significant added bonus, the management advantages associated with having everyone ‘singing from the same branch of the tree’.

B) Automatically give your organisation consistent and reliable records of every project quoted for and every installation. Furthermore, to actually generate impressive and binding sales quotations in the first place! In seconds! All to exceptionally high professional standards, regardless of staff experience levels.

C) Read B) above again and imagine what it can do in helping you maintain infallible, audit trailerable, formal QA procedures.

D) Provide Mistral with a predictable annually renewable source of income thus helping us to help our industry in the provision of superior, reliable Expert Software Systems.

Interested in boosting your company's profits? Then why not send Mistral:- Feedback?

...and provide us with a few details about your business (approximately how many staff in total, how many business locations or commercial branch offices) and we will email you with a firm quotation - today.

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